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Simple Initial Fertility Checks
Happy Man

A great test to give an overview of male fertility hormones.

Recommended on day 3 of your cycle - the 3rd day of your period. If you cycle is not regular then a random test may help determine why.

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Seminal fluid test to determine male fertility.

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Recommended 7 days after ovulation if you are aware of when that is occurring or if you have a regular 28 day cycle then test on day 21. 

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Blood test to confirm pregnancy - this tests gives you a quantitative hCG level which can help determine how many weeks you are.

Advanced Fertility Checks
Blood Samples

Recommended on day 3 of your period or if cycle is irregular or non existent, then any day may help determine what's happening.

If age is a factor or you are concerned about your ability to conceive then this AMH test can be helpful to ascertain how many eggs (ovarian reserve) are in store.

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Insulin resistance is often a factor with PCOS or metabolic syndrome. It causes weight gain especially around the abdomen. Knowing whether this is affecting your cycle can be helpful and determine the best type of foods for fertility and hormones.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Vitamin D is often related to infertility. Low levels of Vitamin D can affect ovulation. This is especially an issue for darker skin women, but also those inside a lot.

Advanced Fertility Checks - Unexplained Infertility & Recurrent Miscarriage
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Homocysteine can be related to miscarriage in some case especially those that have the MTHFR gene below.

This test can be helpful to determine if you have this genetic issue of not being able to utilise B Vitamins correctly and is linked with high levels of homocysteine, fertility issues, miscarriage, a family history of strokes, heart attack, blood clots, depression etc. 

Advanced Fertility Checks - Stress, Sleep & Thyroid Factors
Patient on Scale

Want a thorough thyroid test? This is it. 

Yes stress can affect fertility and many other systems of the body. Been under lots of stress then get this test done.

This is not a blood test but a saliva test.

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Image by Vladislav Muslakov

Not sleeping well? Check your Melatonin & Cortisol with this saliva test.

Other Hormone Checks 
Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

The mighty 28 day salivary hormone test - testing for key hormones over the menstrual cycle 

Starting to wonder if menopause is approaching? This test will help determine if that is a factor.

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General Wellbeing Checks
Meditating on the Beach

This is a comprehensive general health check for male or female. Which doesn't include any hormone testing.

This is a comprehensive health check which also includes female hormones.

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This is a comprehensive health check which also includes male hormones.

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