Natural Fertility Treatments

No doubt you're keen to get some ideas & help, so lets look at what's involved.

Firstly we start with an Initial Fertility Consultation - In this appointment we discuss your health and fertility history, I'll then start to build a picture of what might be going on, what further tests might help or be needed and what treatments might be useful.

I'll then put together a treatment proposal for you based on this information and email it to you to decide if you'd like to continue treatment with me for a few months.


Like to book your session with me?

Just give me a call on 08 9535 9499 or email me or fill in the form below.

Appointments are available with me via phone, FaceTime, or Skype and even just via email if that is easier for you.

Appointment days and times are very flexible so get in touch to set a time.

I look forward to chatting with you soon and seeing how I can help you. Vanessa

Your initial fertility appointment -where we chat and gather all the info to put into my treatment proposal..

Cost for your initial session: $125.00.

We start with a initial phone/Skype/FaceTime or email session - this will take up to 60 mins and once I have all the info I'll be able to put together a treatment proposal* for you. Allow 24 hours (weekdays) to receive this. 

* Payment for initial consultation fee may be made at button to left,  prior to consultation, via phone at time of consultation or following consultation, before treatment proposal is emailed to you.

Medications are not included in this fee and vary in amount and cost depending on the complexity of your situation and whether one or both will need medication. Your treatment proposal will give you an overview of medication and costs and where you can get hold of them.


If you decide to proceed with treatment each monthly plan will give you directions on actually dosage etc. 

Your monthly fertility follow up appointments take up to 30 minutes (via FaceTime, Skype or Phone) and cost $60.00. This is where we go over the last 4 weeks and see what changes are needed for the next few weeks.

Following this chat I will email your updated treatment plan*.

Any medication top ups or changes as per your revised treatment plan, will be in addition.

* Payment for review appointments can be made at time of consultation via credit card or via button to left. Payment will need to be made before updated treatment plan is sent.

Please Note:


Fertility prices are based per couple regardless if only one party attends. No discounts, refunds or supplementary appointments will be applicable or provided for an absent party. Medication may also be required for absent party.

Payment for consultations may be made at button above prior to consultation, via phone at time of consultation or following consultation, before treatment plan is emailed to you.

*Prices valid to 31st December 2021. 

Welcome to affordable fertility treatments.

You may have noticed that my pricing is a lot lower than others, without the extent of qualifications and experience that I have.


Firstly, Covid-19 hit and I decided to take my practice home and online. So my overheads are way cheaper than they were.

Secondly, it's my way of giving back to the community good ole fashioned, quality service for a fair fee. My way of saying a little thank you for all the support and work I have received from couples trying to conceive, in my many years of working with them and helping to create babies. It has been such a joy.


While I don't like bagging out my own profession, you've probably already noticed that there are natural fertility practitioners out there, with equal or less qualifications and experience, that are charging exorbitant prices for their services, and prescribing huge amounts of supplements.

This is not how I work, my method of prescription is to bring a balance of what you absolutely need to get good results, while not making it impossible for you to continue to afford your treatment for 4-6 months, if needed

I look forward to many, many more years of helping couples to conceive and bringing joy to both myself and families.

I look forward to helping you soon.