fertility  naturopath

Hi I'm Vanessa Glenn.

Naturopath, Herbalist, Homeopath, Grad Dip of Reproductive Medicine, Fertility Coach & reproduction enthusiast.

I am a complementary medicine practitioner trained to provide natural health care for people of all ages, stages and health concerns. I do however, have a special interest in women's health care, and in the enhancement and restoration of fertility which is becoming a major concern in Australia. 1 in 6 couples are now struggling with infertility.


I have a high level of training in natural health care and also reproductive health. On top of my degree I have a Grad Diploma in Reproductive Medicine and am forever studying and learning the latest research on fertility and reproductive health. As such I have a lot of experience and great success in getting couples pregnant.


I have been told that my ability to simply explain the complexities of reproduction and how fertility works and how it may be affecting your ability to conceive, has given so many couples a better understanding and hope in their efforts to conceive.

Many couples have said how they are just so glad that they have come to see me, and so often comment that finally someone is listening and helping them understand what is going on.


If you are undergoing IVF, any natural treatments or medication recommended for you will be with IVF in mind. So you can rest assured that we will be working toward increasing your chances without conflicting with your IVF treatment.


My Grad Dip in Reproductive Medicine covered all aspects of assisted reproductive techniques as well as my previous experience working with IVF patients as part of my time spent at PIVET fertility clinic in Leederville over the years.


Did you know that pre-conception health care can double your chances of successful conception?

Ask me what's needed to prepare for pregnancy and how it can not only boost your chances, but enable for a healthier pregnancy and baby.

Got PCOS or Endometriosis? No problem I'm very familiar with both of these conditions and have had great success with both correcting these hormonal imbalances and getting those with them pregnant - eve those with no cycle or not ovulating. I am so familiar with PCOS that I launched the PCOS Centre a few years back to help women with get better understanding of their issues and to get on top of their weight, hormones and symptoms. However since Covid-19 the PCOS Centre is permanently closed however I am still busy helping PCOS ladies with irregular cycles and infertility.

Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to helping your little dreams come true.

If you have questions about if I can help, please get in touch.